First point I want to make is that this is NOT A BASH THE OTHER GUYS blog! 

People have been asking us to compare our VeloVillain 500 2nd Gen to the Rad Power RadMini, so here it is! Hope you enjoy!  

The obvious similarities are:
1) Both are folding electric bikes
2) Both are fat tire bikes
3) Both are good quality electric bikes sold factory direct to the consumer, saving people lots of money! Did I actually admit that the RadMini is a good bike? Yep! But there are many differences between our models. Keep reading. 


Both frames are built with durable 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy. This is a good thing, because it will never rust and is extremely strong. However, VeloVillain 500 comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on the frame against any manufacturer defects. RadMini is 1 year warranty only. 

The VeloVillain 500 has a unique design that is specifically engineered for the Pacific Northwest climate in mind. How? Take a close look at the battery and controller location. Where is it? The answer isn't obvious at first glance. The battery and controller is hidden inside the frame, protecting it from rain, sun, debris, etc. Whereas, the RadMini has an exposed battery and controller that will take a direct hit from the elements. This is probably the most significant difference between them. 


The VeloVillain 500 comes equipped with a good quality, High Torque 500W BAFANG 8FUN Rear Hub Motor. The RadMini appears to have the exact same motor. The biggest difference here is the 2 year warranty that VeloVillain 500 has. That's double the coverage!

VeloVillain 500: Up to 2 Years
RadMini: 1 Year


The VeloVillain comes equipped with a SAMSUNG Smart Lithium Ion 48V 8.8AH battery that will get a range of up to 40km using iPAS. The RadMini comes equipped with a PANASONIC Lithium Ion 48V 11.6Ah battery with an estimated range of up to 60km using iPAS. I haven't tested the RadMini for how accurate the range is, but I'd expect 60km is an absolute best case using the lowest iPAS setting and traveling on level ground without a wind. I can tell you that our range is not estimated and will get up to 40km in the real world. Bottom line is, both batteries are good and the comparison here is negligible. But what good is a battery if it gets water damage? 

VeloVillain 500: Up to 2 Years
RadMini: 1 Year


The VeloVillain comes equipped with a full color HD-LCD Display and a slew of customized settings and a USB port to charge your SmartPhone. Unfortunately, RadMini cheaped out on this component and equipped theirs with a monochromatic LCD display with limited functionality. VeloVillain 500 has integrated headlight and electronic horn controls on the right handlebar making it more of a motorbike-like feel. No horn on the RadMini. 


Both bikes come with Intelligent Pedal Assist and Half-Twist Throttle providing options for the rider. However, the VeloVillain 500 has 9-Level iPAS, whereas the RadMini has 5-Level iPAS.


Almost all other components are the same between the two models, so there's not much point in comparing them. Right from the Shimano MF-TZ21 derailleur; to the Tektro 180mm Mechanical Disc Brakes; to the heavy duty aluminum kick stand. 


Alter Ego Electric Bikes is 100% CANADIAN and proud of it! Rad Power Bikes is an American company. Either way, it doesn't affect the quality of the bike as they are all manufactured in Asia anyways. This is not a bad thing. In fact, if our bikes were manufactured in Canada, or the USA for that matter, the pricing would be 3-4 times higher for the same product. The difference is in the components. Both of our companies choose to use high quality, brand name components that will last for years to come. So if our bikes were manufactured in Canada, they'd still have the exact same components. The same thing can not be said about some of the 'discount brands' that only use generic components just so they can race to the bottom on price. You don't want anything to do with those bikes! 


Ok, this is where we are alightly different. VeloVillain has a website price of $1899CAD, whereas RadMini is currently priced at $1999CAD. Both of us have deals if you buy 2 or more (currently $100 discount per bike). Great value for either bike to be completely honest. It may just come down to your personal preference on the design at the end of the day OR whether not you want to support local Canadian business or send your money to the USA. That's for you to decide. 

Alter Ego Electric Bikes has flexible financing term available up to 60 months or take advantage of 0% interest for up to 18 months! Click for details. 


The point of this blog was to highlight some of the differences between two really good bikes that tend to compete with one another. You won't go wrong with either bike, but I sure hope you buy our VeloVillain 500! At least give it a try!