Do you ever find yourself in a supermarket standing in front of a wall of toilet paper scratching your head trying to figure out which one is the best deal? They all appear the same. They all feel squishy. They all say they’re the best. But why is there such a price difference? 

How do you make a decision? Maybe you just buy the same paper every time because you know what you’re getting already. Either way, it can be a very frustrating experience. As you stand there scratching your head, you notice a package. You pick it up. Price is good, and it’s got twice the number of sheets. You squeeze it and it feels soft. WINNER! You throw it in the cart and take it home. How bad can 1 ply toilet paper actually be? You feel good about saving $3 and think you may have found the holy grail. 

Fast forward a couple of hours and need to use it. This is when you discover that it’s not quite the same as what you’re used to. The 1 ply feels like parchment paper and you end up using 3 times more than your regular 2 ply paper. In this case, you end up spending more than if you would’ve picked your regular brand for $3 more! 

Shopping for the right electric bike can be a similar experience. Really?  

There are so many brands to choose from. They all appear to be similar and do the same thing. But when you peel back the onion, they are very different. We have found that customers initially look at price as the deciding factor. Unfortunately this can potentially be a BIG mistake! The industry is polluted with ‘discount brands’ that are racing to be the lowest price. Although the low price can be attractive, more often than not, you get what you pay for. Pay a low price, get a low quality product. 

But they al look the same! This is true. However, peel back the onion once again and you will discover that there are many different components that go into the final build of an electric bike. An electric bike is even more complex and component rich than a standard bicycle. 

What makes a cheap bike, cheap? Many of the discount brands use generic, low-end Chinese components.  These bikes can cheap for a reason. You will end up with a potential safety issue, or constantly repairing components at the very least. It will end up costing you more in the end! 

Don’t let price be the only deciding factor. Buying an electric bike is not a small purchase so educate yourself and ask a lot of questions.  

We believe in quality at an affordable price. Not always the lowest price.

Alter Ego Electric Bikes is here to answer any questions you might have.  

The Best. Period.