Why haven’t I heard of your company?

We get asked this question often enough to answer publicly. Well, we are a small web based Canadian company that produces small quantities of high quality electric bikes that we sell for true factory direct prices. We don’t have the huge marketing budget that a high volume discount brand has, and we refuse to dilute our brand to do crowd funding.

And yet we’ve still managed to be one of the premium electric bike brands in Canada! 🇨🇦

We aren’t looking to be the biggest, just the best! We are passionate about our brand and devoted to providing the best product on the market.

Are Alter Ego Electric Bikes road legal in Canada?

It depends on the jurisdiction. The Motor Vehicle Act was recently modified to include a class of Power Assisted Bicycles. In BC the rules state that with continuous motor power under 500 watts, and at speeds less than 32 km/h, there is no need for either a license or insurance to use an electric bike on public roads. You can also continue to use bike paths or any place a regular bicycle is allowed. It is up to the consumer to educate themselves on the legal status in their own jurisdiction. 

Is any assembly required?

Our bikes come in the box 98% assembled. All that may be required is for you to install the pedals, handlebars, and optional racks & fenders if applicable.

Do you offer shipping?

YES! We offer shipping within Canada and USA. We would love to offer free shipping but electric bikes and scooters are expensive to ship because they are heavy and considered hazardous due to the lithium batteries.  We subsidize most of the shipping cost, but do charge a small fee to offset. Typical shipping rates are $99 - $149. 

Our bikes typically ship within 48 hours from when the order is placed.

Does the battery recharge as you pedal?

This is one of the most commonly asked technical questions we get and it shows that the advantages and capabilities of electric drives are widely known. The answer is that yes, on most hub motor ebikes it is possible to recharge the batteries from pedaling. BUT, only when you are moving at a speed faster than the motor can attain itself.

Recharging from pedaling is not really the intent of the electric drive as it is with, say, a hybrid car. In general, with an ebike you draw a net amount of power out of the battery pack to assist you riding. You then replenish this energy from the wall outlet, rather than by working extra hard later on in the trip.  Its like hauling a heavy trailer with two flat tires, so unless you're in it for the exercise alone there is little point. With the use of our extra long range batteries, there is no need for ‘region’ on our bikes.

How far can I go on a single charge?

We get this question a lot. The answer is quite complicated and can not be really distilled down to one single number. Some manufacturers post very "ideal" range figures, so it is difficult to compare range from bike to bike.

Posting the "real world" range number might not appear impressive and could hurt sales, however, we aim to give a true picture of our bike's battery range. 

The short answer to this question is far enough! Generally speaking, any Alter Ego Bike battery should last longer than you. We don’t hear many stories of people running out of juice.

With that said, this can be a complicated question because there isn’t a “standard” and everybody makes vastly different claims about range. There are several factors when answering this question. Weight of the rider, wind conditions, tire inflation, how much you are using the throttle vs iPAS, etc, etc, etc.  

What is the normal lifespan of a battery?

You can expect your battery to last about 2-4 years or approx. 1000 charging cycles. 

Lithium batteries usually don’t just stop working altogether, what happens is they gradually lose their capacity over time. 

To prolong the life of your battery it’s suggested that you avoid discharging it completely, and to make sure that you charge it at least once every couple months. When you aren't using it, we advise you to store it inside or at room temperature as fluctuations in temperature, cold or heat will damage the battery.

How much is a replacement battery?

We pride ourselves in having one of the best warranties in the industry with a 2 year pro-rated battery replacement policy. So basically, for the first 2 years, you don't have to worry about your battery. However, when it comes time to replace the battery, you're going to want to know how much it will be. Our replacement battery program ranges from $300 - $600, which is lower than the other guys by far! 

How long does the battery take to charge?

A battery will typically charge fully within 3-6 hours with a standard wall outlet. A green light will indicate a full charge. If the light is red, the battery is still being charged. 

There is no memory, so you don’t have to worry about discharging it completely, and it’s best to recharge it after each use.

It uses very little energy- usually about ten cents worth and includes a smart charger that will automatically shut off when it’s done.

How do I maintain the electric motor?

We use only the best electric motors in the industry! Our motors are extremely reliable and 100% maintenance free. We only use BAFANG and MXUS Brushless Geared motors.

Throttle Drive vs iPAS: What's the difference?


In North America, we are fortunate to have the luxury of throttles on our electric bikes which are forbidden in Europe and other places around the world.

Throttles provide full power on demand and we love them because they give us complete control.

They’re especially helpful for getting started from a standstill (sometimes it can be awkward to gain momentum), getting a quick burst of power to climb a hill, or safely getting through an intersection. If you can’t pedal, or you just don’t feel like it, that’s okay too.

After all, aren't bikes supposed to give you exercise? Pedal more and your body will love you!


Intelligent Pedal Assist automatically turns on the motor when you pedal. With pedal assist you do not need to use a throttle to control the motor.  

The built-in speed sensor uses a series of magnets on the crank, it turns the motor ON when you start pedaling and turns it OFF when you stop pedaling. It works more or less like a switch.

You have to control the boost level and speed by adjusting the assist mode manually up and down. This is the most common type of iPAS. 

How fast can I go?

All Alter Ego Electric Bikes are governed at 32km/h in accordance with Canadian federal transport regulations. This is the case with ALL other Electric Bikes on the market in Canada today. However, you can pedal faster than 32km/h if you wish. Any electric bike without a governor or capable of speeds faster than 32km/h are not street legal and could result in fines and/or confiscation. 

What is the warranty?

Buy with confidence by knowing that we have one of the best warranties in the industry with coverage up to 24 months! See our Warranty page for details. 

How do I service my Alter Ego Electric Bike?

All of our bikes are designed with Service & Maintenance in mind. Any local bike shop can service your bike, including:

  • Mechanical Disc Brake Adjustments 
  • Shimano Gear Shifter Adjustments 
  • Shimano Derailleur Adjustments
  • Chain Maintenance 
  • Seasonal Tuneups 

If any of the electrical portion of your bike fails, we have easy replacement of every component that you can do yourself. They are literally Plug N' Play and we offer online support & detailed instructions on how to replace every major electrical component. In addition to our online support, you can take your Alter Ego Electric Bike to a local ebike shop and they will happily repair it for you. 

What maintenance is required?

Aside from keeping your battery charged, maintaining an Alter Ego Bike is the same as any standard bicycle. After the bike has been ridden 50-100km, you’ll want a basic tune-up. This is standard procedure for all new bikes as they’re broken in and as the cables stretch. 

The most important (and simple) thing you can do is check your tire pressure regularly, and keep them inflated as indicated on the tire.

If you’re riding in wet conditions, you’ll want to take extra care and make sure you keep your drivetrain clean and well-lubed.

Other than that, you’re likely to need minor adjustments from time to time, and even the best parts do eventually wear out. We suggest that you bring your bike to your local bike shop for a check-up at least once or twice a year to ensure the most safe and pleasant riding experience.

Unlike other electric bikes, our components are carefully engineered for an easy upgrade & installing replacement parts at any local bike shop.

The electric motor does not require any maintenance at all. 

Can I use my Alter Ego Electric Bike in the rain?

Yes. All Alter Ego Electric Bike models are water resistant, but impossible to completely water-proof. As with any electric device, use with extra caution if you ride in the rain. If the controller or battery gets wet, it could cause problems with the performance of your Alter Ego Electric Bike. 


What if I change my mind?

Change your mind? That’s ok! We’ve got you covered if you've purchased your new Alter Ego product on our website. You have up to 30 days to exchange or return your bike or scooter. Conditions may apply.

See our Returns & Exchange Policy.

How do we keep our prices so low?

By selling factory direct online to customers, we can lower our overhead and keep costs minimal, which is both beneficial for our customers and our business. This means you get to keep the retailer markup in your pocket, where it belongs! Each Alter Ego Electric Bike model uses the most current technology and brand name, long lasting quality components. The downside? You can’t touch and feel the product before you make your purchase.

Can I test ride before I buy?

We do not have a traditional retail storefront as we have a factory direct business model. Our business model depends on word-of-mouth and online sales. We do have various “Ride It, Love It” events and attend Trade Shows throughout the year, which is an opportunity to see and test ride our models - keep a watch on our social media for announcements of these opportunities.


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