Want to earn some extra money?

Owning an Alter Ego Electric Bike is fun, but can also be profitable! If you own an Alter Ego Electric Bike or eKick Scooter, you may opt-in to become an Alter Ego Brand Champion. As a Brand Champion, we would use you as a direct contact for someone that wants to TestRide your specific model. If your TestRide converts into a sale, you get $100.00! SIMPLE!

Here are the ways you can earn $100.00:

  1. Alter Ego Website Lead - we will connect you with customers in your area that are looking to TestRide an Alter Ego Electric Bike. You have the option to Accept or Deny the TestRide Request. 
  2. Brand Champion Originated Referral - you can register your referral lead here. If it turns into a sale within 30 days of registration, you will get $100.00.


Feeling generous? You have the opportunity to Pay-it-forward by applying your $100.00 Referral Fee to use as an additional discount towards your referrals purchase.