service & maintenance info

Alter Ego Electric Bikes are premium electric bikes sold to you FACTORY DIRECT for a fraction of the price of an equivalent ebike and does not a have traditional retail storefront or a dedicated repair facility on site. We encourage you to contact our service partner, Vintage Iron E-Cycles if you're in the Vancouver area. VeloFix Mobile Bike Shop is available all over Canada & USA and will come to you, or feel free to drop in to your local bike shop for any regular maintenance or repairs. 

Just like any other bicycle, it needs to be maintained properly. Not only to maintain the factory warranty, but to keep you safe and to give you driving pleasure for many years to come!

YES! Although your Alter Ego Electric Bike has gone through a pre-delivery quality control inspection, it comes directly from the factory, so it will need to be tuned up out of the box within the first 100km, as you would with any new bicycle. Even if it has been tuned up before you get it, you'll want to take it in for a tweak as cables stretch and mechanical disc brakes tend to get noisy. Failure to keep your bike tuned up and maintained will result in voiding your factory warranty and could cause safety issues.

Maintenance, as with any other bicycle, is required. A warranty claim may not be considered without proper maintenance records. For maintenance tips to prolong the life of your Alter Ego Electric Bike, click here. Although your Alter Ego Electric Bike is weather resistant, we don't recommend keeping it out in the rain for lengthy periods, or immersed in water. 

Battery Tips: All models are equipped with the most current Lithium technology and include an on board Battery Management System. There are some ways to maximize the life of your battery as replacements are very expensive. 

  • It is important to charge the battery at least once a month when stored. Regular use ensures its lifespan.

  • Only use the charger that was supplied with your bike.

  • Store in a dry place.

  • Do not store or use in extreme hot or cold conditions.

  • Do not keep the battery connected to the charger indefinitely. Once it has completely charged, disconnect it

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