al•ter e•go


1. an inseparable friend.

2. a second self..

3. another aspect of one's personality.

An alter ego (Latin, "the other I") is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person's normal or original personality (ie: Superman vs Clark Kent; Batman vs Bruce Wayne). This is not your ordinary bicycle. This is an electric bike like you've never seen. Hop on and feel like a super hero!

ALTER EGO ELECTRIC BIKES provide all the advantages of a regular bicycle: fun exercise, free parking, zero emissions, ultimate portability, and freedom from congestion, while eliminating one of the bicycle's more serious drawbacks, lack of power. The silent brushless motor provides assistance to get you around with little or no effort at all. You can pedal normally and just use the motor to provide additional assistance getting up hills, or use the motor all the time and not pedal at all. The experience is entirely different from riding a gas scooter or a motorcycle due to the hybrid nature of our bikes.  

ALTER EGO ELECTRIC BIKES is committed to creating the most environmentally friendly, affordable, and highest quality personal electric vehicle available. With urban centres looking for alternative ways to deal with congestion, high parking fees, and becoming more green-centric, Alter Ego has the solution! 


JANUARY, 2015 - ALTER EGO BIKES started from a personal interest in getting out and enjoying all the great things the Pacific Northwest has to offer. We hike, paddle board, snow board and go on frequent road trips. We do enjoy a casual bike ride, but the hills suddenly turn it into an intense workout. We then started to explore the idea of purchasing a pair of folding electric bikes, which would allow us to pack them into the trunk or RV and hit the road. We would be able to enjoy them anywhere! We quickly found that these electric bikes were extremely expensive, most had no style, and options were very limited.  This got us researching the industry and found that there is a significant percentage of the population that would buy one (or more) if it were more affordable, AND if they actually looked good. We began an addictive journey to create what is now Alter Ego Electric Bikes. Our product can go head to head against any mid to higher end brand electric bike on the market today. All of our models are fully customizable, which means you can upgrade components at any time! Each bike is carefully assembled in Canada and we only use brand name parts that you will recognize. Our company was founded on principals of trust, integrity, honesty, and transparency. These remain our core principals today.

Let's get one thing straight.... we are NOT a discount brand typical of companies that find the cheapest components and try to race to the bottom price! We believe in quality at an affordable price! From details like stainless steel cables, to using only top brand name components, Alter Ego is your best choice! Our bikes come standard with high quality components by Shimano, Bafang, Zoom, Tektro, Panasonic, LG, and Samsung. Unlike other electric bikes, our components are carefully engineered for an easy upgrade & installing replacement parts at any local bike shop.

Our unique business model ensures you will continue to get the value you deserve. Buying from, you're skipping the retail markup and enjoying TRUE FACTORY DIRECT PRICING! We don't believe in tacky gimmicks... just a fair every day price! In fact, our pricing is 40% - 50% less than other comparable brands in the marketplace.