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Himiway Display 2.0

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  • HIMIWAY Upgrade Display a smart display, compatible with Rebel Fold, Rebel Fold 2.0, Rebel Cargo, Rebel ST, Trakker Zebra ST, Trakker All Terrain, Trakker All Terrain ST
  • Larger display, the display lettering is larger and clearer. The display can show a number of parameters, we can show you all the indicators you want.
  • This electric bicycle LCD display is made of stable motherboard, beautiful, upgraded waterproof, wear-resistant, high temperature and low temperature resistance and can record a variety of riding data.
  • Data display: riding speed, single mileage and accumulated mileage, riding time, power-assisted gear, motor power and charging status, braking status and other riding parameters.
  • New features added: new automatic headlights can be turned on (can be set on or off through the instrument)